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Surprising Birth of Dobby the Giraffe Amazes Zoo

Dobby the giraffe was born prematurely at Denver Zoo.

Our loving and expert veterinarians were critical to ensuring he would gain strength on his own.

Dobby’s birth somewhat took the Zoo by surprise. Born to an older mother using birth control, animal care staff became suspicious when mom Kipele suddenly gained 100 pounds and Dobby was born just two days after an ultrasound confirmed the pregnancy.

He was 73 pounds and 5 feet at birth - instead of the typical 160 pounds and 6 feet tall. He was so tiny he couldn’t stand and wasn’t getting enough antibodies. It was touch and go and excellent care by veterinarians and animal care staff worked! Dobby improved over the next two weeks and hasn’t looked back since. He is now a spritely 1200 pound two-year-old!

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Dr. Scott Larsen was part of the team that transfused plasma into Dobby.

He wasn’t nursing enough from his mother. As Vice President for Animal Health, Dr. Larsen heads up our team of 10 veterinary staff members and our 7 member Nutrition Department. Together, they provide the finest care to our animals, around the clock. Our full-time animal nutritionist designs specific diets for each individual species and, in some cases, individual animals. Denver Zoo has more than 3,500 mouths (and beaks) to feed and our commissary provides the highest-quality fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, and supplements. The Veterinary Department provides proactive and preventative care to ensure the health and well-being of animal residents from birth, to end of life.

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