Aug 8, 2023

Meet the Flockers


September will be here before you know it, and that means all you fancy flockers had better start thinking about your Flock Party finery! Fortunately, there are zero hard-and-fast RULES governing the dress code for this event—it’s more like a loose set of V I B E S, the top two being fun and colorful. But for those of you who need more to work with than “Golden Girls décor, but make it fashion,” we’ve put together a few style personas to help you rock...er...flock...your ‘fit.

The Tropical Flocker

Kerry Horizontal2


It should go without saying, but we’ll say it: animal prints are ALWAYS welcome at a Zoo soirée, and even more so if they’re expressed in a punchy Lisa Frank palette! The same applies to jungly tropical prints: the bigger the better. We want ‘em bursting with oversized palms and bombastic blooms. And, because too much is just enough, let’s pile on the wooden beads...lace up those metallic gladiator sandals...then top it all off with a pretty pom-pom clutch!

The Coastal Flocker

Reese Horizontal2
Reese Witherspoon


We’re unsure precisely when the classic, southern, beachy and preppy aesthetics put their bright-blonde heads together to create the look broadly defined as “coastal,” but like a gimlet on the veranda, it always goes down easy! Think: seaside stripes, scalloped hems and candy-colored florals—all deployed in feminine silhouettes that positively demand a tassel earring, an espadrille wedge and a basket bag. Bonus: coastal looks also pair perfectly with flat sandals, which make it MUCH easier to experience this 84-acre fête.

The Modern Flocker

Zendaya Horizontal2


LE SIGH...sadly, we don’t all get to be Zendaya in Valentino at Paris Fashion Week. But we can certainly dream, can’t we? And a wonderful way to do that is to serve a sleek, monochromatic look as you swan around with your favorite flockers. We love co-ords of all kinds, from crop-skirt combos to tank-and-trouser sets to full-on pantsuits like Ms. Z’s. We also adore a one-and-done situation—just be sure to use the buddy system for bathroom runs. PRO TIP: If your look demands a heel, make it a sturdy block-heel bootie or platform pump.

The Conscious Flocker

Zooey Horizontal2


There are SO MANY good reasons to shop sustainably, whether you’re choosing rental, vintage, resale or shopping with a company like Reformation, which crafts fresh designs exclusively from deadstock fabrics. Of course, it’s better for our planet and the beautiful beings that inhabit it—including our beloved flamingo fam! But much like Flock Party, responsible retail gives you the opportunity to turn some heads AND do some good, while dabbling in brands that might not otherwise be in your budget...often without a long-term commitment. Win-win-win!

Flockin' Man-Candy

Harry Horizontal2
Harry Styles


Let’s not forget our fabulous male-identifying friends! Many of the ideas above play nicely with men’s fashion, too—including bold suits, color pops and wild prints. We especially love a high-low look (think: tuxedo pants with bright high-tops) but preppy mainstays like gingham, madras and seersucker are clutch last-minute options. Shout-out to all the other red-carpet rebels (Momoa! Chalomet!) who are out there normalizing pink, patterns and more for men.

BONUS: Lazy Flocker Cheat Codes

Not up for the whole flockin’ fashion journey? We feel that. Luckily, there are a couple of foolproof “cheat codes” that can significantly streamline your shopping experience. Dust off ye olde fascinator, because the first one is DERBY! If you’ve ever attended a Kentucky Derby party, chances are, the outfit you wore is at least 78% flockadelic—and if you haven’t, dumping “derby outfit” into your search bar will get you very close to Flocktown.

The second is BARBIE; the release of the new Barbie movie in July has sparked countless collabs and inspired-by collections. Keep your eyes peeled for these limited-edition, predominantly pink pieces and you’ll be well on your way! See you in September!


Capture the Moment

Website Flock Illustrator samples small Horizontal
Esteemed editorial fashion illustrator Elle Powell will be doing LIVE watercolor portraits at Flock Party. Get your event tickets now and stay tuned for details on this exclusive party perk!



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