January 16, 2022

New Flamingo Habitat Coming Soon

Denver Zoo’s Chilean and American Flamingos Will Soon Have a New Home That Highlights the Flamingos’ Native Andean Habitats


Our Chilean and American flamingos are about to get a new home! With topography inspired by the Andean highlands, the new habitat will provide both the flamingos and their fans year-round access to both indoor and outdoor living spaces—including multiple wading pools, nesting islands and multiple vantage points for viewing our most fabulous flock. Construction will begin this winter, with the grand public opening slated for 2023.  

Flockstars at Denver Zoo 

With rock star names (and personalities to go with them), our flamingos are fan favorites at the Zoo, and the leading ladies and gentlemen of one of our most popular Up-Close Looks.  Our Chilean flamingos are much lighter in color, and can be found in the Andean highland regions of Chile, Argentina, Peru and even Brazil. While our American flamingos have bright, pinkish-orange feathers, and are often found in coastal areas of the Caribbean including the Bahamas, Cuba, and the Yucatan Peninsula. In 2018, we welcomed two male Chilean flamingo chicks, Swift and Legend. And in late 2021, we welcomed three more with the addition of Jonas, Denver and Diamond—who all hatched and were hand-raised at our Avian Propagation Center to give these fragile birds the best chance of survival. Two-year-olds Swift and Legend are fully integrated with the flock, while our youngest chicks, Jonas, Denver and Diamond join them for walks when the weather allows. 

Flocking to Help 

Flamingos aren’t just a species we care for here at the Zoo. We also work to save flamingos abroad, including taking part in an international effort to rescue more than 1,800 abandoned lesser flamingos in South Africa in 2019. Using their skills and background knowledge of working with flamingos, two of our bird keepers and a veterinarian technician were able to rehabilitate and eventually release many of the rescued flamingos back into their native range.  

Spreading Our Wings 

We’re excited to open a new habitat for our flamingos next Spring. Construction starts this winter, so pardon our dust on your next visit. Follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitter and TikTok for more updates about the flock and their new home! 


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