Down Under

Get Closer Than Ever

There’s no place on Earth like Australia. Now we’re bringing the wonders of Oz to you with Down Under at Denver Zoo! In our newest multi-species habitat, you’ll go on an enchanting journey through this extraordinary part of the world. Get closer than ever in Wallaby Way, an immersive pathway experience that puts you eye-to-eye with friendly, red-necked wallabies and red kangaroos. Be sure to keep an eye out for Marshmallow, our wonderful albino wallaby!  

You’ll also meet Tristan and Pearl, our Endangered Huon tree kangaroos—as well as Salem and Neville, our breathtaking pair of Southern cassowaries. Along the way, you’ll learn what these unique animals mean to Australia’s First Nations people…and how you can help protect them.


Red kangaroo

Red-necked wallaby

Huon tree kangaroo

Southern cassowary


• Snack Kiosk

• Gender-Neutral Restroom

• Quiet Room/Adult Changing Room