Tropical Discovery

Our Vibrant Indoor Rainforest

With nearly 300 species and nearly 1,800 individual animals, Tropical Discovery is truly a magical journey into the jungle. Discover a balmy world of biodiversity, including a fascinating bat cave, a brilliant array of reef-dwelling fish, a host of slithery snakes, the tiniest tree frogs, large reptiles like Komodo dragons and Daphne the Siamese crocodile—Denver Zoo’s oldest family member at 64 years old. Enjoy the magic of the rainforest, right here in Denver! 


Sloths may be slow, but their sweet nature and adorable appearance have been known to make people’s hearts beat a bit faster. With this in mind, our new sloth habitat is designed to showcase this demurring species on their terms! Tropical Discovery’s high, skylit ceilings provide a bright, sunny backdrop for the soaring 22-foot sloth tree, with leafy branches bathed in natural light. With the main path snaking around it, this central feature will draw your eyes up to reaching branches and twisting vines as you walk 360 degrees around the habitat—searching the treetops for mossy, slow-moving bundles of fur. Swing on by during your next visit! 

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Komodo dragon

Sea star

Green anaconda

Lake Titicaca frog

Linne’s two-toed sloth


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