Harmony Hill

Coexisting with Our Wild Friends

Harmony Hill offers much more than the bear necessities for Tundra, our resident grizzly girl. In addition to a spacious home filled with opportunities for her to exercise natural bear behaviors like climbing, digging, den-building, swimming and sunbathing, this immersive habitat is also intended to help our human visitors understand how to live in harmony with wildlife—both in the backcountry and in their own backyards. 

While Tundra is livin’ her best bear life, you’ll be learning what attracts grizzly bears to our territory, along with small changes you can make to help discourage trespassing. And Tundra is the perfect poster child for these lessons. She came to us by way of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services who rescued the orphaned cub when her mother, dubbed a “nuisance bear” for repeated clashes with humans in her native Alaska, was killed. 

Next door in our Backyard Habitat, you’ll find orphaned raccoons Cashew and Pecan—two tiny residents with BIG personalities. Rescued from a home in Boulder, this nutty pair is leucistic (lacking normal raccoon pigmentation) and therefore unable to survive in the wild. Here, they spend their days enjoying common backyard items like a bird feeder, hammock, swimming pool, climbing structures and even raccoon-sized Adirondack chairs.  

As you explore Harmony Hill State Park, designed to evoke the experience of camping and hiking in one of our state or national parks, you’ll enjoy a variety of unique vantage points from which to watch Tundra, Cashew and Pecan being their wonderful, one-of-a-kind selves. Along the way, you’ll learn how to discourage contact should you be lucky enough find yourself in bear country. 


Grizzly Bear



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