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Program Summary:

It takes a community of people working together to care for the animals at Denver Zoo and in the wild but, sometimes, challenges arise. Middle school learners will explore possible solutions to challenges Denver Zoo staff are facing to care for and save wildlife.

Guiding Question:

How can science help us learn about the natural world?

Intended Outcomes:

Learners will:

  • Feel- Inspired to explore solutions for a Denver Zoo animal care challenge.
  • Learn- Using science to solve problems involves making observations, asking questions, and designing possible solutions.
  • Act- Use science to problem-solve a Denver Zoo animal care challenge.

Intended Experiences:

Learners will:

  • Make observations.
  • Ask questions.
  • Practice problem-solving strategies.
  • Identify possible solutions.

Zoo Challenge

It takes a community of people working together to care for the animals at Denver Zoo and in the wild. Keepers, veterinarians, nutritionists, horticulturists, exhibit designers, conservationists, scientists, and educators all work to save wildlife. But sometimes, we face challenges.


Watch the Intro Video to learn some tips and tricks for finding a solution from Conor, a Denver Zoo Educator. He will introduce you to how you can use science to solve challenges by:

  • Making observations.
  • Asking questions.
  • Practicing problem-solving strategies.
  • Identifying possible solutions.


Next, choose a Zoo Challenge video to hear from Denver Zoo staff about a real-world challenge they’re facing to care for and save wildlife.

Can YOU find a solution to a real zoo challenge?

How should we design the new kea enclosure?

How can we track boreal toads?

How do we introduce kudu and hornbill into the same zoo habitat?

How should we present a fire-bellied toad at programs?

Share Your Solution

Share your solution with your teacher, classmates or family. If you’d like to share it with Denver Zoo, you can email us at outreach@denverzoo.org. 

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