Up-Close Looks

Make your Zoo day totally unforgettable by adding an Up-Close Look to your visit! These intimate encounters provide your small group a private experience, facilitated by knowledgeable staff. Now through Summer 2023, Denver Zoo is offering two Up-Close Look opportunities. Join us to feed the giraffes or get a behind the scenes look at the Johnson Animal Hospital. Additional Up-Close Look programs are under development for the future. Keep an eye on our website and social media to be among the first to know what’s on the schedule!


Join our amazing reticulated giraffe herd for an exclusive encounter! With this special and intimate experience, you'll have the opportunity to "buy out" a giraffe feeding for up to six members of your personal pod. Our knowledgeable giraffe experts will be on hand to help you get to know each member of the herd as you learn about their unique personalities and biology—including their prehensile tongues, 25-pound hearts and adorable ossicones.


From the tiniest tree frog to a full-grown grizzly bear, every member of Denver Zoo’s animal family can get the individualized care they need at our industry-leading facility. During this intimate tour of the Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Animal Hospital, you’ll learn about the about the highly specialized experts who support the care of the 3,000+ animals that call Denver Zoo home.


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