Up-Close Looks

Make your zoo visit totally unforgettable by adding an Up-Close Look to your agenda! Offered throughout the year, these intimate animal encounters provide your small group with the unique opportunity to enjoy a private animal meet-and-greet facilitated by our knowledgeable staff. Time of year offered, minimum age, group size, and safety requirements vary by experience. Interested in an Up-Close Look on the day of your visit? Email us at guestcare@denverzoo.org or call us at 720-337-1400 for what's available!

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An unforgettable encounter with our beloved bachelors


A face-to-face feeding experience with our amazing reticulated giraffe herd


Scale new heights with Fish or Lizards!


Meet one of our tough-but-sensitive two-ton tanks


Hang out with one of our fabulous forest antelopes


Every day is hump day with our gorgeously goofy herd

Predator Ridge

Hang with the African savannah's most social stalkers