Up-Close Looks

Make your zoo visit totally unforgettable by adding an Up-Close Look to your agenda! Offered throughout the year, these intimate animal encounters provide your small group with the unique opportunity to enjoy a private animal meet-and-greet facilitated by our knowledgeable staff. Time of year offered, minimum age, group size, and safety requirements vary by experience. Interested in an Up-Close Look on the day of your visit? Email us at guestcare@denverzoo.org or call us at 720-337-1400 for what's available!

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An unforgettable encounter with our beloved bachelors


A private experience with our long-lashed Casanovas: Jorge and Fernando


A face-to-face feeding experience with our amazing reticulated giraffe herd


Scale new heights with Fish or Lizards!


Meet one of our tough-but-sensitive two-ton tanks