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Make plans to sign your child up for the summer camp they will remember forever! Summer Safari is a week-long day-camp program that will have them trekking from Colorado to Africa, South America, Antarctica and Asia all in one week, without ever leaving Denver! Campers will connect with animals and cultures from around the world through exploration of Denver Zoo.

Summer Safari

Thank you for another successful Summer Safari camp program at Denver Zoo.  Details about Summer Safari 2016 will be on the website by early January.




Summer Safari 2015 – Zooper Heroes
(see specific camp names below)


LOGGING IN -  Whether you are a Denver Zoo Member or a Non-Member, you must be sure you have created an account before you register for camp. We recommend you do this prior to your registration day. Also, it may be valuable for you to explore logging in and walking through the  website in advance.

If you are currently a member, and need to look-up your existing account information, or setup your member account for the first time, please click here and follow the directions carefully, being sure to make a note of the User Name and Password.  After you have an account, you may “Log In Or Register An Account” by clicking in the tan box located at the top right hand side of the page and then find the “Returning Customers” box.  This is where you will enter the User Name and Password you created when setting up your account.

If you are not a member, you must set up an account here create a new account. After you have an account, you may “Log In Or Register An Account” by clicking in the tan box located at the top right hand side of the page and then find the “Returning Customers” box.  This is where you will enter the User Name and Password you created when setting up your account.

Your child must be registered based on the grade level s/he will be entering in Fall, 2015.  Pre-K children must be at least 4 years old by the start of their camp. You will find dates and times for each camp on the Summer Safari Calendar located on this page under Camp Dates.

No camper is allowed to be enrolled for more than one week of the camp with the same name (i.e. a child entering 2nd or 3rd grade in Fall of 2015 may enroll in 1 week of Water Warriors and/or 1 week of Food Web Force. They may not enroll in two or more weeks of either camp.).


Monday through Friday for 10 weeks starting on June 1st and running through August 7th – Please noteJune 29-July 2 is a short week as there is no camp on Friday, July 3rd.


Pre-K Camps are Half Day only.  You may register for either the AM session (9AM-12PM) or the PM session (1PM-4PM)   No camper may be registered for an AM and a PM Camp in the same week.

K&1st Grade Camps are offered as AM (9AM-12PM) or PM (1PM-4PM) Half Day, or Full Day (9AM-4PM)

2nd through 8th Grade Camps are offered as Full Day Only.  (9AM-4PM)

Camp curriculum is the same each week.  A new set of campers will start every Monday.

Registration is online only and will start on a rolling basis on Tuesday, January 27.

Check the schedule below to find the earliest date you can register for the week you want.

Registration will open at 7 a.m. each day.

  • January 27: Registration opens for the 1st week of camp - June 1-5
    NOTE:  Check your child’s school calendar carefully!!!   Denver Public Schools is still in session the week of June 1st.
  • January 28: Registration opens for the 2nd week of camp - June 8-12 
  • January 29: Registration opens for the 3rd week of camp - June 15-19 
  • January 30: Registration opens for the 4th week of camp - June 22-26
  • February 2: Registration opens for the 1st two weeks in July - June 29*-July 2 and July 6-10
  • (*Please note: June 29th-July 2nd is a short week, no camp on Friday, July 3rd)
  • February 3: Registration opens for the 2nd two weeks in July - July 13-17 and July 20-24
  • February 4: Registration opens for the last two weeks of camp - July 27-31 and August 3-7

Summer Safari 2015 will run 10 weeks from June 1 - August 7.

Camp curriculum is the same each week.  A new set of campers will start every Monday.


We prefer that children be registered by their own parent/guardian.  If you register someone else’s child, you need to know that YOU will be the emergency contact for that child and all camp-related correspondence will be sent to you.  Additionally, you are financially responsible for the child’s camp in terms of payment, and the cancellation/transfer policies. 


In order to ensure that camps are open for all of your children, please register all of the children in one transaction before making payment.  This way, before paying you will know if each of your children have a spot in their respective camps.  To do this – after you select the first camp, instead of clicking on “Complete Order” at the bottom of the page, select “Add Additional Items.”  That will take you back to the main “Select An Item” screen.  To the right of that page you’ll see “Filter By Category” and a list of programs.  Click on “Summer Safari Day Camps” which is the last option on that list.  You will be back at the list of camps.  Select your next camp and proceed as normal.  Registering in this manner will help avoid disappointment of getting one child into camp and then discovering a sibling’s camp has sold-out.   When you select a camp and add your child, that spot is reserved for you as long as you complete your order by the time your 30 minute session ends. 



ZOO MEMBERS *Please see Member Registration notation below. 
Full-Day (9 a.m. - 4 p.m.) $255
Half-Day (9 a.m. - 12 p.m. or 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.) $150

4th of July Week Camp (No Camp on Friday, July 3)
Full-Day $205
Half-Day $121

Advanced Camp:  My Future, My Zoo – for 8th Grade Only – available only the week of July 6-10.
Member: $345

Early Drop-Off (7:30-8:50AM) and Late Pick-Up (4-5:30PM) options are available for an additional fee of $10 per session.  For example, Late Pick-Up for 2 children for 1 week would cost an additional $100.


*Member Registration:  Members receive a discount on registration. In order to receive the member’s discount you must have an active membership and login to the registration screen as a member. Membership purchases and renewals are not instantaneous.  Your Membership must be purchased or renewed either online or through the Membership Department at least 48 hours in advance. If you do not login as a member you will not be able to receive the discount.

If you are a member and have never logged in before, you must use the 'member look up' to set your password and contact information prior to beginning your registration. If you do not know your member number, please contact the Membership Office at 720.337.1478.


Full-Day (9 a.m. - 4 pm.) $280
Half-Day (9 a.m. - 12 p.m. or 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.) $160

4th of July Week Camp (No Camp on Friday, July 3):  
Full-Day $230
Half-Day $131

Advanced Camp:  My Future, My Zoo – for 8th Grade Only – available only the week of July 6-10.
Non-member: $370 






Pre-K: Must be at least 4 years old
(Half-Day Only)                

Planet Patrol (Half-Day Only)

Morning 9AM-12PM or Afternoon 1PM-4PM

Join the Planet Patrol to help stamp out pollution in the air, water, & land. Learn about plants and animals that help keep our world clean and how you can too! Use your super hero skills to uncover the mystery of who polluted the Platte, and take the pledge to patrol the planet and protect the planet from the dreaded Pollution Pirates!

Recycling Rangers (Half-Day Only)

Cost: Member $150/Non-member $160

Get ready to ride, Recycling Rangers, and learn how you can reduce, reuse, and recycle! Discover nature’s animal recyclers, and get an up-close look at how these important creatures help you, me and all the other animals on the planet. Have a race with a dung beetle, build a recycled raft, and ramp up your recycling - at home and at the zoo!


Kindergarten through 1st Grade
Half Day or Full Day Options) 

Morning 9AM-12PM or Afternoon 1PM-4PM
Full Day 9AM-4PM

Habitat Heroes

½ Day Cost: Member $150/Non-member $160
Full Day Cost: Member $255/Non-member $280

Every animal needs a home. Join Captain Habitat on his quest to learn what things every animal needs to survive, and how we can make sure their habitats stay safe. Habitat Heroes help create bird- and butterfly-friendly habitats, and explore the urban wildlife that share their neighborhoods!

Power Pack

½ Day Cost: Member $150/Non-member $160
Full Day Cost: Member $255/Non-member $280

Power up for this active class that explores animal "Zooper Powers"- fantastic features animals have that help them survive. Discover how things like sharp claws, keen eyesight, tough scales, powerful wings and fast feet turn animals into super heroes in their environment. Power Pack campers also discover their own super powers, and how they can use them to help animals!


2nd and 3rd Grade 
(Full Day Only 9AM-4PM)   

Food Web Force

Member $255/Non-member $280

All living things, from the tiniest plant or insect to the largest elephant or whale, have a special role they play in the web of life. And so do you! Discover the Zooper Hero food chain - meeting Producers, Consumers and Decomposers that help keep our world healthy. Uncover your secret identity as a Hero for the Planet.

Water Warriors

Member $255/Non-member $280

Become a Water Warrior, on a mission to preserve clean water for animals, plants and people! Get a closer look at animals that depend greatly on water for survival, and how the water cycle connects us all to faraway oceans and streams. Perform water quality experiments, search for water insects, and join the crusade for clean water!


4th and 5th Grade 
(Full Day Only 9AM-4PM)   

Eco-Action Team

Member $255/Non-member $280

Connect and Protect, Eco-Action Team! Explore the natural world to discover how you are connected with it and take steps to protect the things that are most important to you. Learn about zoo animals that are facing environmental challenges in the wild, and spring into action by participating in conservation projects. Lead by example, and teach others how to make a change!


6th through 8th Grade 
(Full Day Only 9AM-4PM)   

Citizen Scientists

Member $255/Non-member $280

You can make a difference! Learn about key issues for animals around the world, and the people that are critical to making positive change. Add your own voice to the solution as you get involved with conservation across the globe. You’ll take action as a citizen scientist in your own community, go behind the scenes at the zoo, and meet some of our own keepers and researchers that are helping animals every day.


8th Grade- Offered only one week - JULY 6-10
Full Day Only 9AM-4PM)   


Advanced Camp: My Future, My Zoo

Member $345/Non-member $370

Do you dream of one day working in a zoo? There are a plethora of opportunities, but where do you begin? Not only will this camp help you learn about career options at the zoo, but you will get to meet the people who do those jobs every day!  Shadow our teen volunteers and learn the important first steps in working in this field. Participate in hands on, authentic and fun activities that allow you to see what it is really like to work at the zoo. Interact with zoo keepers, veterinarians, conservation biologists, horticulturists and educators who together are helping to secure a better world for animals through human understanding.


Registration for Summer Safari 2015 will begin on January 27.  Please scroll down for details.  Thank you.

DATES:  Summer Safari camp runs for 10 individual weeks; Monday through Friday, with a new group of campers starting every Monday beginning June 1st.   Grades Pre-K through 3rd, have two camp options. Children entering those grades may register for either or both of the camps within their grade level.  Grades 4th-8th only have one camp option.  No camper should be registered for more than one week of a camp with the same name.



Due to a historically increasing high volume of special requests, we must instigate the following policies.  Exceptions will not be made to these policies so please be sure you understand and agree to them prior to registering your child for camp. 

It is your responsibility to review the website and register for the correct camp.

These policies apply from the moment you submit your registration, regardless of whether or not you accidentally registered for the wrong camp or if you’ve had an unexpected change in your schedule.  Additionally, please note that these policies are in place regardless of how quickly you notify us after registeringPlease be sure to review your order – CAMP GRADE LEVEL, CAMP NAME, and WEEK OF CAMP – prior to making payment. Once you have registered you may make a change only by cancelling or transferring to another week.  Please see details below.

We do greatly appreciate your interest in our Summer Safari program!  We know unexpected schedule conflicts can come up and we understand it can be difficult to plan your summer several months in advance.  However, as Summer Safari has grown significantly over the years, we find we must maintain firm policies that are the same for all parents, regardless of any and all “special circumstances.”  We appreciate your understanding and we look forward to sharing Summer Safari adventures with your children!


Cancellation Fee - $50 PER Child.  You may cancel a camp only if you request to do so via email* at least 15 business days prior to the start date of your camp.  Within fifteen business days of your camp date, all sales are final. 


Transferring From One Week to Another Fee - $20 PER Child.  You may request to transfer your child to a different week of camp only if you request to do so via email* at least 15 business days prior to the start date of your camp.   We will accommodate your request as long as there is an opening in the camp you are requesting.  Within fifteen business days of your camp date, all sales are final. 


It is no longer possible for Denver Zoo to maintain a courtesy wait list for camps.  If you want a camp that has sold-out, please check the camp calendar on the website to see if any spots have opened.  If so, please register online.  Please do not call to inquire about openings, as the website will be current.  If you see that an open spot you want is available online, please register for it online.  Changes happen quickly online, and, if you take the time to call us first, you could lose an open spot!  We are unable to process registrations over the phone. 

*If you need to request a cancellation or transfer, your request must be in writing via email to:

 Scholarships are available.  If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, do not register onlineDownload the Denver Zoo Scholarship Fund application here. Applications may be submitted any time up to two weeks prior to your earliest requested camp date.  Based on the volume of requests it is recommend you apply as early as possible.









Within a few minutes of finalizing your registration, you will receive an email from Denver Zoo Online Tickets.  There will be two attachments.  One is the Booking Confirmation showing the name, date and time of your camp.  The other is the 2015 Info Packet which includes policy reminders, camp instructions including check-in and pick-up procedures, forms you’ll need to complete before the first day of camp, parking instructions and your parking pass for check-in and pick-up, as well as frequently asked questions.  Please be sure to mark your calendar so you don’t miss camp!!


You may request additional items by sending an email to Include your Booking Confirmation/Transaction number and the item(s) you’d like to add.  We will add those items to your initial transaction and then email you a payment link.

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