Vendor Opportunities
at Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo has joined the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System, operated by BidNet Direct. The Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System is used by over 300 local agencies across Colorado and Wyoming to publish bidding opportunities and efficiently reach a community of vendors interested in partnership with public sector entities.

Bid opportunities for Denver Zoo can be viewed on Denver Zoo’s dedicated page as part of the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System.

Vendors interested in submitting bids to Denver Zoo should register online with BidNet Direct using the link above. There is a free vendor registration option that allows you to view solicitations posted by Denver Zoo, download any documentation, and submit bids. Additional fee-based registration options allow automated notifications of new bid opportunities and other additional features. Denver Zoo does not endorse any product or service offered by BidNet Direct. Vendors are not required to pay any registration fees to participate in our bid opportunities.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Denver Zoo!



RFP 2023-643 - Parking Garage Structural Repairs

The Denver Zoo invites bidders to submit proposals for structural repairs to the Denver Zoo’s multi-level underground parking garage. The expansion joints and construction joints at various locations on each level of the parking structure are failing and/or showing signs of deterioration. There are also 3 columns showing signs of deterioration with exposed rebar which need to be repaired. In order to ensure the functional longevity of the parking structure, the effected joints, walls and columns will need to be repaired and/or replaced. The goal for these repairs is to extend the serviceable life of the parking structure.