Media Room


Jake Kubié
Director of Integrated Communications

Erika Haase
Digital Content Manager

Media Policy

We welcome the opportunity to work with credentialed journalists from broadcast, print and online outlets on stories about Denver Zoo. Members of the media must get in touch with our communications team at least 72 hours prior to visiting the Zoo (unless the circumstances require shorter notice) and be accompanied by a Denver Zoo employee at all times while on Zoo grounds. We reserve the right to set guidelines and limitations in regards to filming and photography to ensure the safety of our animals, employees, and guests. To arrange a visit to Denver Zoo to film or conduct interviews, or request photos, please contact Jake Kubié.

Personal Photography

All photographs and other forms of artistic renderings made for personal use, such as for contests, or recreational or educational purposes, are always permitted without any fee or special permission required. Guests must, however, pay for admission, and are asked to avoid obstructing or interfering with the use and enjoyment of other guests, such as blocking viewing areas or public pathways.

Commercial Filming

Denver Zoo is an ideal location to accommodate film shoots, documentaries and photo shoots for your commercial needs. Please note: all images captured at the Denver Zoo are the property of the Denver Zoological Foundation and any commercial use or profit-making from the images requires permission from the Zoo (all of the animals at Denver Zoo are the private property of the Denver Zoological Foundation and their images are therefore under copyright protection and cannot be sold without our consent). The commercial use of photographs, video, and film taken at the Zoo is strictly prohibited without the full written consent of Denver Zoo. To learn more about Denver Zoo’s Commercial Filming program please contact us at commercial@denverzoo.org.