Denver Zoo Master Plan

In 2015, Denver Zoo submitted an updated Master Plan to the City of Denver to guide the future of the Zoo. This plan aligns with the Denver Zoo mission, vision, values and strategic imperative. Ever since this plan was unanimously passed by Denver City Council, we have been driven to secure funding and support to execute this plan with an ongoing commitment to delivering the highest-quality guest experience and continuing to set the standard for animal care. Not only does our Master Plan contain the map for Denver Zoo’s future—it also illuminates our vision of Denver Zoo’s role in supporting our local and international community.

Master Plan PDF

A Plan with a Purpose

Denver Zoo is every bit as dynamic as the communities we have served for 125 years. And the wondrous work of caring for 3,000 wild animals—while enchanting, educating and inspiring more than two million guests per year—is a complex and layered undertaking.

Our 84-acre campus is home to nearly 100 historic structures, some dating back more than a century, and is blessed with some of the most beautiful mature trees in the state. Our storied past and heritage facilities/geology must be carefully considered as we envision our future as a modern zoo-based conservation organization. To learn more about this vision and the strategies that support it, click the button at left to download the 2015 Master Plan.