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Young Scientists

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6th - 12th Grade

Young Scientists is a multi-contact standards-based program that introduces students to the field of ethology (the study of animal behavior) and exhibit design through inquiry-based learning. 

Young Scientists guides students to develop ideal immersion animal enclosures, using many of the methods that field biologists and exhibit designers currently use with a hands-on, real-life application.  By directly observing and understanding animal behavior and adaptation, students put their classroom skills to use in meaningful ways while learning the process of scientific inquiry, analysis and reporting.    

This program aligns with the Colorado Academic Standards, Colorado Common Core Content Standards, and National Generation Science & Engineering Practices. 


Young Scientists Includes:

  • One teacher planning meeting covering the topics of the program
  • Three 50-90 minute in-school lessons led by Denver Zoo staff covering exhibit design, animal adaptation, and behavior research methods.
  • Use of a Denver Zoo traveling library to research select study species.
  • Two three-hour guided fieldtrips at Denver Zoo.
  • Creation of a 3-dimensional model zoo enclosure.
  • An end of year “Best of Show” celebration at Denver Zoo. 


30 or more students in 6-12th Grade


At your school AND at the Denver Zoo


Dates are available September –April


30-59 students: $45.00/student
60-150 students: $40.00/student

Scholarships are available through Denver Zoo's Scholarship Fund.
Contact Program Coordinator at 720-337-1657 or

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