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6th - 12th Grade

New for the 2016-2017 school year!


Young Scientists: Exhibit Engineers

Young Scientists: Exhibit Engineers is a multi-contact standards-based program that introduces students to exhibit design through inquiry-based learning. This adaptation focused program guides students to develop ideal immersion animal enclosures, using many of the methods that engineers and field biologists use with a hands-on, real-life application.  By directly observing and understanding animal behavior and adaptation, students put their classroom skills to use in meaningful ways while learning the engineering design process.  This program includes three in-school lessons led by Denver Zoo staff covering exhibit design and animal adaptation as well as a guided fieldtrip at Denver Zoo.




Young Scientists: Animal Investigation

Science is about asking questions and discovering the answers.  In this program, students will get the chance to think and act like scientists while completing their own self-directed investigation.  Zoo staff will guide students through the science practices and model the ways that biologists and conservationist learn new information about animals.  Three lessons at your school will include testable questions, experimental design and scientific argumentation.  Students will come to the zoo twice to practice their science skills, develop a question and collect data.  This program is a great compliment to any science discipline focusing on developing students’ confidence in science.



Both programs align with the Colorado Academic Standards, Colorado Common Core Content Standards, and Next Generation Science & Engineering Practices.



30 or more students in 6-12th Grade


At your school and Denver Zoo


Dates are available September 2016 - April 2017



For more information, questions, or inquiries about booking either program for the 2016-2017 school year, please contact Tom Schermerhorn at 720-337-1672 or

Scholarships are available through Denver Zoo’s Scholarship Fund

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