Good Neighbors to Wildlife

"Program provided great content and background info for a project building nest boxes and a pollinator garden." —Teacher, Embark Education

Grow your students into the next generation of local conservationists and empower learners to take ownership for the care of wildlife in YOUR community. Students will discover what local wildlife needs to survive, work with Zoo staff to learn skills to help, and make a plan they can implement to make an impact near your school.   

A suite of programs to choose from—sign up for one or all: 

Make a Space for Wildlife 

Whether passing through or hanging out, urban wildlife needs a space in our communities to thrive! Students will explore different spaces that animals occupy based on their unique needs and then take action by building a home for wildlife. 

Make it Safe for Wildlife 

Immerse your students in the journey of migration by navigating the helpful and hazardous situations that birds encounter. Learners evaluate the local environment and make a plan to help birds. Other approaches to learning about migration just won’t fly! 

Make it Bloom for Wildlife 

Explore the important relationship between native plants and native animals and the actions humans can take to ensure a healthy habitat for wildlife. Okay, bloomers—it’s time to get to the root of conservation learning! 




Available MondayFriday at 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. 

Registration timelines vary. Most programs close 7 – 14 days prior to the event date. Click the “register now” link to review current availability.


FREE! All 2024 Good Neighbors to Wildlife programs are free to schools, made possible through generous donations to Denver Zoo’s Access to Awe Scholarship Fund.


To apply for financial assistance for transportation, click here.