Scout Academy


Currently booking through December 2023.

Please note, with new opportunities in development, this program will not be offered in 2024.


$12 per participant

Participants include anyone receiving the discounted program rate—including scouts, chaperones and associated family members. Programs can accommodate 15–30 participants.


Scholarships are available!
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Every year at Denver Zoo Animal Academy, we usher in the brightest and the boldest to complete our rigorous training program and become Denver Zoo animal experts!


Scout Leaders: during your next visit to Denver Zoo, your troop can become our newest group of Animal Academy recruits! Enroll your explorers in this immersive educational experience, during which they will earn their “spots and stripes” badge by completing special challenges throughout the Zoo.

Animal Academy programs explore important scientific concepts such as adaptations, ecosystems and life cycles—bringing each topic to life with Animal Ambassadors and hands-on investigation. Your scientists-in-training will receive a special mission and explore the Zoo alongside their Academy instructor, applying critical thinking and science skills while working toward their badge.

Three Animal Academy program options are available. Each program is 75 minutes, and can accommodate 15–30 participants. All participants will receive a spots and stripes badge at the conclusion of their program—collect all three!

  • Animal Academy: Adaptations sponsored by Delta Dental of Colorado
  • Animal Academy: Ecosystems
  • Animal Academy: Life Cycles


Compliance with the chaperone policy is required to remain eligible for the discounted group rate.

• Every troop visiting Denver Zoo must have at least one adult per 10 scouts, regardless of age.

• Chaperones are charged at the discounted program rate of $12.00 each, and must be present during the entire program.

• We only accept ONE payment for the entire group. Payment is requested at time of registration.  For payment alternatives, contact Denver Zoo at

• All chaperones must enter the zoo at the same time as the group. Late arrivals will be required to pay the full price and will not be able to participate in the program.


Photo Disclaimer

*All photos were taken safely before the COVID 19 pandemic*