Joona: Our Joy and Treasure

A Rhino Keeper Reflects on Joona’s Miraculous Birth and Her Amazing First Year

Recovery Mode

December 28, 2020 Recovery Mode An Update on Denver Zoo’s Animals and Financial Health Yesterday the Associated Press published a story with the headline “Denver Zoo Struggles in Pandemic to … Continued

My Heart Animal, Nias

Few things are harder for zookeepers than the loss of an animal. Great Apes Keeper Cindy Cossaboon cared for Nias for 15 years, since Nias’ very first day at Denver Zoo. Hear from Cindy about what Nias was like when guests weren’t around, and the depth of their bond.

2020 in Review

December 15, 2020 2020 in Review Celebrating the Many Ways Our Donors Buoyed the Zoo Through an Unusual Year 2020 was an unprecedented year filled with uncertainties, unknowns and unexpected … Continued

Special Orders

Dietary Changes Can Majorly Impact an Animal’s Quality of Life—and Even Save It

Debunking the Bat’s Bad Rap

More Care Stories All Stories October 26, 2020 Debunking the Bat’s Bad Rap WHY THIS ENDURING SYMBOL OF SPOOKY SEASON   IS WORTHY OF ADMIRATION RATHER THAN FEAR Considering everything 2020 has thrown at us thus far, Halloween shouldn’t seem … Continued

Life in the Slow Lane

October 16, 2020 Life in the Slow Lane AN UPDATE ON SLOTHS AT DENVER ZOO  If you’ve seen Kristen Bell’s famous sloth meltdown, you already know there are folks who have VERY strong feelings about … Continued

Do You Know a Rhino?

Denver Zoo is home to four rhinos with distinct looks and personalities

Three’s Company: Denver Zoo Welcomes New Gorilla Trio

Learn More About Critically Endangered Western Lowland Gorillas

Baby Boom

The Circle of Life Goes On During Our Closure with New Babies Awaiting Your Next Visit