Jumping for Jaya

Denver Zoo Welcomes New Critically Endangered Sumatran Orangutan to Primate Panorama

Denver Zoo Welcomes Tatu

Tobias’ Arrival to Benson Predator Ridge in 2018 Proves Fruitful for the Lion Species Survival Plan

Leaving the Nest

More Care Stories All Stories July 25, 2019 Leaving the Nest Understanding Species Survival Plans and Denver Zoo’s Role in Helping Species Thrive By Jessica Meehan   In May, animal care staff at the Denver Zoo bid farewell to our mischievous kea Milford when he left for his new home at the Tracy Aviary in … Continued

A Tale of Two Kitties

Denver Zoo animal experts share how they’re leading the way on socializing male fishing cats

Denver Zoo Gets a New “Mane” Man

Tobias, a Two-Year-Old African Lion, Joins the Pride at Benson Predator Ridge