July 12, 2022

Now Open!

Several Animal Ambassadors Have a New, Viewable Habitat and Training Space

Guests know and love the animals they see in their habitats regularly during their visits, but we often get asked about our Animal Ambassadors—the rocking reptiles, marvelous mammals and beautiful birds who live behind the scenes, but are important members of our animal family. These ambassadors participate in training and pop-up animal demonstrations around the Zoo and play a huge role in our wildlife conservation and education efforts. While our ambassadors generally live and train behind the scenes, we are delighted to share that a new habitat and training space opened this summer—and you’re invited to visit! 

This new, 400-square-foot habitat is located between the Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Animal Hospital and the Wild Encounters Building and will house our grey-crowned cranes in the summer and Eurasian eagle owls during the winter months. Our Animal Ambassador team will also use this space for actively training a variety of species (including parrots, birds of prey, serval and more), and guests will be able to watch during our daily Animal Talks + Demonstrations.  

Our Animal Ambassador team started training sessions in this new space a few weeks ago to help our cranes acclimate to their new home, which you can see on your next visit 

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