July 31, 2023

Denver Zoo in the Community

Summertime affords the Zoo ample opportunities to connect with our community IN the community 


Inclusive and equitable access to opportunities that deepen connections with, and actions to, protect wildlife is vital for Denver Zoo’s mission and vision of a world where wildlife thrive. Access to these experiences happen at the Zoo, and they also are available IN the community. Here are some of the summer events and locations Denver Zoo has participated in and engaged with a variety of community members. 

Neighborhood Events 

Denver Zoo has identified local neighbors as a priority community for relationship building and strengthening, focusing our community engagement in our neighboring zip codes this summer. In early June we joined the City Park Day to share the benefits of Smithsonian Bird Friendly certified coffee with attendees. We also attended PBS Rocky Mountain Kids Fest on Auraria Campus, a fun-filled event where we engaged with hundreds of participants in a nature play pop-up.  Additionally, we have participated in other neighborhood events, such as the Sunday Funday at Argo Park event in Globeville, and hosted nature play pop-up programs at St. Charles Rec Center in the Cole neighborhood and Rude Rec Center in Sun Valley. Participating in neighborhood events allows us to get to know the residents, learn about their interests in the Zoo’s conservation work, and discuss ways we can further connect with one another. 

Photo by: Angela Yang
Photo by: Angela Yang
Photo by: Marley Steele-Inama
Photo by: Marley Steele-Inama

Cultural Events  

Celebrating and honoring our community’s diversity is an important way we can express our core value of welcoming. This summer, Denver Zoo staff have participated in a variety of cultural events in the community, including hosting a booth at the Filipino Community of Colorado’s Philippine Festival in Edgewater, marching in solidarity with our LGBTQIA+ community at the Denver Pride Parade, and hosting nature play and nature art activities at the Black Arts Festival in City Park.

Photo by: Angela Barber
Photo by: Angela Barber

Field Conservation Sites 

Denver Zoo also engages community in conservation action at locations where we are involved in field work. At some locations, like Mt Evans, Denver Zoo staff discuss with visitors the importance of minimizing our impact on wildlife in the area, and tangible actions we can take to reduce conflict and protect animals such as mountain goats. Denver Zoo’s Field Conservation staff also engage community members, including children, students, teachers, adults, and seniors in conservation work through community science projects, including grassland restoration at Daniels Park (a Denver Mountain Park), as well as monitoring boreal toads, pika, birds, and wildlife crossings in various locations throughout Colorado.   


What’s Next? Upcoming Community Events  

Currently, Denver Zoo has plans to be at two events in August. On Thursday, August 3, our Community Engagement team will be at the Adams County Fair at Riverdale Regional Park to engage with senior adults on ways they can make wildlife-friendly food and beverage purchases. On Saturday, August 12, the team will have a booth at another neighborhood event, this time at Swansea Park in the Elyria-Swansea neighborhood. Stop by and chat with us from 12-4 pm! Thank you to our partners at Denver Parks and Recreation for inviting the Zoo to these enjoyable community gatherings.   



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