January 15, 2020


Get the Latest Updates on Your Favorite Denver Zoo Youngsters, From Miley to Tatu


Last year was filled with bundles of furred, feathered, and scaled joy arriving across the Zoo, from Tatu the African lion to Miley Sarus the sarus crane. And we have at least one very exciting arrival on the way soon—we’re looking at you Tensing! Read on below for updates on just a few of your favorite Zoo babies, and be sure to visit them soon before they’re all grown up:

Name: Tatu

Species: African Lion

Birthdate: July 25, 2019

Parents: Neliah and Tobias


Tatu is just shy of six months old and already weighs in at 60 pounds. He currently eats 2.5 pounds of meat every day and is as playful as ever, especially with his half-sister, Kamara. She is less than thrilled with his pouncing antics, but has been a good sport and patient older sibling. His care team reports he has started participating in training sessions and is learning basic behaviors that will help establish a foundation for his voluntary health care throughout his life. Visit him in Benson Predator Ridge!

Name: Kesi

Species: Mandrill

Birthdate: May 10, 2019

Parents: Kumani and Jelani


As the first mandrill born at Denver Zoo since 2003, Kesi was a thrilling addition to our troop that includes her dad, Jelani, and Kumani, who has proven to be a very protective mom. But Kesi is starting to gain some freedom from Kumani’s affectionate embrace, and is often seen bounding around and exploring every corner of her habitat. Her care team report that she is developing her own attitude, and will often grunt at Kumani or her keepers when she’s not getting special attention or treats. Visit her in Primate Panorama!

Name: Miley Sarus

Species: Sarus Crane

Birthdate: September 4, 2019

Parents: Violetta and Ricky Bobby

Miley Emebd 3

Miley is just over 4 months old and is almost the size of a full-grown adult female. She still has a golden head, but it is slowly turning red. Miley has been exploring new parts of her exhibit, including the deeper pool. Her parents have been teaching her to dance and they still give her all of their bugs. Visit her in Toyota Elephant Passage!

Name: Calvin

Species: Bongo

Birthdate: September 6, 2019

Parents: Columbine and Howard


Calvin has hit some exciting milestones in the last few weeks. His little horn “buds” are starting to grow, which is exciting because he’ll soon start using them like his dad, Howard, and maybe try a little sparring. He is mostly weened (he still tries to sneak in a nursing session here and there) from his mom, Columbine, and has now has his own food bowl and gets to enjoy his meals with the rest of the herd. Visit him in Central Ranges!

Name: Wookiee

Species: Linne’s Two-Toed Sloth

Birthdate: April 11, 2019

Parents: Charlotte and Elliot


Wookiee and his mom, Charlotte, are currently hanging out behind the scenes while we plan out a new habitat for them in Tropical Discovery (stay tuned for updates), but we would be remiss not to include him on this list. Best known for his name, which was announced by Angie Mayhew, the widow of Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbacca in Star Wars, Wookiee’s favorite treat is sweet potato and he loves to work with keepers on behaviors that will prepare him for the big move!

Name: Eleanor

Species: Lesser Kudu

Birthdate: September 23, 2019

Parents: Joe and Moscato


Eleanor continues to be the highlight of her keepers’ days and continues to do incredibly well. She currently receives three prepared bottles a day, and one of her feeding sessions can be seen by guests around 1:30-2 p.m. at the kudu habitat dependent on weather. Her keepers continue to monitor her closely as we wean her onto what will be her regular diet, but so far so good—she is now more than 40 pounds and growing. Visit her in Central Ranges!



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