Northern White-cheeked Gibbon

Classification Class Mammalia Order Primates Family Hylobatidae Genus Nomascus Species leucogenys Habitat & Range White-cheeked gibbons live in the canopy of subtropical rainforests and prefer lowland forests with more diversity of fruit trees. However more recently with habitat loss most of these gibbons live above 700 meters. This species hardly ever descend to the forest … Continued

Red River Hog

Classification Class Mammalia Order Cetartiodactyla Family Suidae Genus Potamochoerus Species porcus Habitat & Range Red river hogs inhabit thickets, forests, savannas and swamps. They are found throughout western and central Africa. They are also known as bush pigs. Red River Hog Potamochoerus porcus The powerful bodies and long snouts of these hogs make it easy … Continued

Southern Gerenuk

Classification Class Mammalia Order Artiodactyla Family Bovidae Genus Litocranius Species walleri Subspecies walleri Habitat & Range Southern gerenuks live in the east African countries of Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia and northeastern Tanzania. Their habitat varies from semi-arid brush land to dry deserts.  They avoid dense woodland and open grassland. Southern Gerenuk Litocranius walleri walleri Long legs, … Continued

Eastern Bongo

Classification Class Mammalia Order Artiodactyla Family Bovidae Genus Tragelaphus Species eurycerus Subspecies isaaci Habitat & Range Bongo are only found in montane rain forests with dense undergrowth. They thrive at the forest edge and in new growth areas that occur after disturbances. Eastern (or mountain) bongos are much less prevalent than the western bongo and … Continued

Lesser Kudu

Classification Class Mammalia Order Artiodactyla Family Bovidae Genus Tragelaphus Species imberbis Habitat & Range Kudus live in the arid and semi-arid scrublands found in their African ranges. Lesser Kudus inhabit a range in northeast Africa and are native to Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda. Lesser Kudu Tragelaphus imberbis Female lesser kudus will … Continued

Fishing Cat

Classification Class Mammalia Order Carnivora Family Felidae Genus Prionailurus Species viverrinus Habitat & Range Fishing cats are found in scattered areas throughout Asia. They inhabit the peninsular region of India, and areas of Southeast Asia including, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Sumatra, Thailand, Java, and Pakistan.   Fishing cats live primarily in wetland areas, both marshes and swamps. These cats can be found in heavily forested regions … Continued


Classification Class Mammalia Order Artiodactyla Family Camelidae Genus Lama Species glama Habitat & Range Llamas’ natural habitat is high plateau covered with shrubs, stunted trees and grasses at elevations ranging from 7,550 to 13,120 feet (2300-4000m).  They have adapted to a variety of environments. Llamas’ native range is the Andes Mountains of South America, primarily … Continued

Red-ruffed Lemur

Classification Class Mammalia Order Primate Family Lemuridae Genus Varecia Species rubra Habitat & Range Red ruffed lemurs live primarily in the top canopy of the tropical, lowland forests of the Masoala Peninsula including the Masoala National Park. Red-ruffed Lemur Variegata rubra Red ruffed lemurs are diurnal (active during the day), usually foraging in groups.  Social … Continued

Greater One-horned Rhinoceros

Classification Class Mammalia Order Perissodactyla Family Rhinocerotidae Genus Rhinoceros Species unicornis Habitat & Range The habitat of the greater one-horned rhino is tropical grasslands and adjacent flood plains and forests. They prefer tall grasslands and thick forest areas. Greater one-horned rhinos are found in Nepal and Northeastern India, mostly in protected areas, like national parks and … Continued

Southern Tamandua

Classification Class Mammalia Order Pilosa Family Myrmecophagidae Genus Tamandua Species T. tetradactyla Habitat & Range The southern tamandua is found throughout much of South America.  Widely distributed in Guyana, Trinidad, Suirname, French Guiana, Brazil, and Paraguay.  Also found in some parts of Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela.  Four subspecies of Tamandua tetradactyla … Continued