Engaging E-Learning Resources for Parents + Teachers

Transport learners of all ages into the wild and wonderful world of Denver Zoo!  Whether you’re a parent looking for additional online learning, or a teacher hoping to expand your curriculum, our Virtual Classroom offers resources designed to take learning to the next level, for various group sizes and situations.  Explore our paid programs and free online activities below, to begin your online adventure! 

Paid Online Programs for Kids


Classroom Safari

Private Online Program for up to 30 Participants.
For Learners Age 3 and Up

Take your class on a LIVE Classroom Safari with Denver Zoo-including an interactive, experience with Animal Ambassadors and knowledgeable members of our expert education team. With this unforgettable private program, attendees will have the ability to choose the DATE, TIME + SUBJECT MATTER, as well as interact with our team in real-time. 

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Wild Discovery

Public Online Events for up to 400 Kids
For Students in Grades K-2

With this exciting and affordable online event series, parents and teachers have the flexibility to pay $5 per student to join a live-cast virtual field trip featuring members of our expert education team-including the ability to interact via chat. Dates, times and subject matter are determined in advance…just join and learn!

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Free Resources for Students and Teachers

Help Inform Denver Zoo’s Teacher Professional Development Program

Denver Zoo is  updating program offerings and reactivating teacher professional development opportunities. It’s important to us that we listen to what teachers need and want as we move forward – so we need your help!

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Learn how our animal care team uses ethograms to study baby Joona’s behavior. And then try it yourself!


Enjoy a virtual meet-and-greet with our incredible Animal Ambassadors.


Explore amazing underwater worlds with Denver Zoo educator Mr. Garcia.