November 13, 2023

A Fine-Feathered Nest

What You Need Know About Denver Zoo’s Fabulous Flamingos and Their New Habitat

It’s official—our fabulous flock of Chilean and American flamingos have a new home! Here’s everything you need to know about the new habitat and our flock. Be among the first to see the habitat and learn how you can help support their care HERE! 

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Creature Comforts 

Inspired by the Andean Highlands and located on the east side of our campus between Harmony Hill and Tropical Discovery, the new habitat lets our flamingos live their best lives and gives you—our guests and members—a perfect up-close viewing experience. The space features all the trappings of a perfect flamingo pad, including several wading pools and nesting islands, and a variety of vantage points for optimal flamingo viewing.  


Flock Stars 

With rock star names (and personalities to go with them), our flamingos are fan favorites at the Zoo. Our Chilean flamingos are much lighter in color and can be found in the Andean highland regions of Chile, Argentina, Peru and even Brazil. While our American flamingos have bright, pinkish-orange feathers, and are often found in coastal areas of the Caribbean including the Bahamas, Cuba, and the Yucatan Peninsula. You’ll find birds named after your favorite rockers, like Swift, Legend, Jonas, Slash, Denver and Diamond, along with some adorable new arrivals 

Join Our (Human) Flock 

This new habitat is made possible through our latest comprehensive fundraising campaign, "Into the Great Wild Open.” Thanks to the incredible generosity of our dedicated donors, we can now provide top-notch care to our flamingo residents in this spectacular habitat. Denver Zoo invites you to come and experience this remarkable exhibit firsthand, either through a visit or by becoming a member, as your support extends to all the vital work we do. We're deeply grateful to the many donors who rallied behind our flamingos, ensuring their wellbeing, and bringing a new level of enchantment to our Zoo. 

If you're interested in contributing towards elevated habitats, care, enrichment, and conservation for Denver Zoo's animals, there is still time to make a gift towards our campaign HERE. 



Saving the Species 

Flamingos aren’t just a species we care for here at the Zoo. We recently expanded our Peruvian field conservation efforts to include Chilean flamingos, which are classified as Endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. The Zoo has also participated in an international effort to rescue more than 1,800 abandoned less flamingos in South Africa in 2019 


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